Sadhana, in the Sanskrit language means to be on the path . . . are you ready to embark on a deeper journey on your yoga path? YASA Yoga’s programs offer an opportunity to immerse yourself in the ancient history of yoga, learn the Sanskrit language and the philosophy of yoga. The programs are designed to build a strong foundation to deepen your knowledge of yoga and take your teaching skills to the next level. With a balance of sthira (steadiness) and sukham (ease), the YASA Yoga curriculum creates an opportunity to deepen not just the asana, the physical practice of yoga, but also the spiritual practice. Using the Yoga Sutras as a guide, you will explore the meaning of truly being on the path. Just as there is a balance between yin and yang, YASA Yoga creates a balanced curriculum rich in history, philosophy as well as the art of teaching and truly finding your voice as a teacher.  Wait no longer, there is no time like the present to dig your roots deep.




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